clothing items for the rain

The rainy season is back again and in this part of the world, we know that this means a heavy downpour at least every day. The best part of the season is staying home watching movies, wrapped in warm blankets and sipping hot beverage. But the reality is that our lives goes on just the same; only difference is, we have the rains to deal with.

In the name of not sacrificing style for the rains, here are 10 ten haves for the rainy season.

1. Umbrella
By default. No arguments. Get an umbrella. Umbrellas protect you when an umbrella. Umbrellas protect your clothes, shoes and bags during a downpour and should be carried everywhere you go.

2. Raincoat
No, raincoats are not meant for only children. Raincoats would protect you when you're not in a good position to carry an umbrella. Get one in plain colour and keep it ready for a rainy day.

3. Boots
A pair of water proof boots would be ideal for jeans and walking through puddles.

4. Rubber Sandals
Also known "shoe-savers". Get them in pretty colours and these will save your leather or Swede shoes when in the rain.

5. Sweaters
Unless you don't carrying a blanket everywhere you go and you have a job that allows you to bring a blanket to work, then you are advised to get a sweater to protect yourself from cold. It doubles as a blanket and a cuddle buddy with no strings attached. *winks*

6. Dark jeans
Replace all your light jeans this season with dark jeans. This is simply because dark jeans are less conspicuous when wet and try as hard as you can, one day, you're going to get wet.

7. Neutral coloured underwear
This is for the ladies. When clothes get wet, they tend to stick to our body and reveal the colour and outline of our underwear. How cool would it be if the entire street knew that you were wearing your favourite red panties? Try wearing neutral coloured underwear to avoid this.

8. Non-cotton socks
This is for the guys. No one likes their feet wet, clad in soggy socks and trapped in shoes all day. Replace all your cotton socks with non-cotton to avoid wet and smelly feet.

By Chisom Nwaezuoke
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  1. This is for the women. At the point when garments get wet, they tend to adhere to our body and uncover the shading and layout of our clothing. How cool would it be if the whole road realized that you were wearing your most loved red undies? Have a go at wearing nonpartisan hued clothing to keep away from this.

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