The new look UBA internet banking platform has got people talking

Have you used UBA’s internet banking platform “U-Direct” lately? Everyone that has is talking about it. We mean; the new look and feel of U-Direct, It is awesome – simply put, it is online banking reloaded.

There is the new login screen. It just stands out; less cluttered and enriched with “live chat” for easy access to UBA customer agents at the Customer Fulfillment Center (CFC), for prompt resolution of issues. 

There is also a direct link from the login screen to the platform where users can apply for online banking services. This makes U-Direct more accessible and welcoming to all customers.

The menus have been re-arranged in the order of “most frequently used” to “less frequently used” for ease of navigation and control.

Now, there are fewer clicks but more functions – users’ details like phone numbers and emails have been auto-populated to enhance Turn around Time (TAT), billers have also been categorized.

There are now “Place holders” to guide users on required inputs on every page. Foreign Exchange (FX) functionality is also now available to make fast and secure international transfers accessible to all users 24/7.

Do you access internet on your mobile devices like phones, tablets and phablets?  The U-Direct new look and feel gives you smoother and more exciting experience on your mobile devices. 

The pages now respond to the screen size and orientation on mobile devices. The U-Direct new look also adopts the phone keyboard in place of the virtual keyboard. No more worries or struggle to disable virtual keyboard.

…banking has just become easier with the U-Direct new look!

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For more info, please contact CFC: 234-1-2808822, 234-1-6319822, +234-700-2255-822.
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