There is no doubt that our behaviour at work reflects on our colleagues and organization; therefore we need to develop appropriate work ethics, and a respectable moral standard.

Here are some tips to help you achieve success in the workplace:
  • Your job is undoubtedly important therefore treat it as such. Always attempt to perform to the best of your ability. Constantly learn about your industry and try to stay ahead of the curve to gain a competitive advantage.  Put in extra hours if you must but also be aware of your own capabilities.
  • Always be on the look-out for ways to improve the lot of everyone rather than just yourself. Think in terms of ‘we’ rather than ‘I’. You are part of a team and should fit in and be a part effectively and efficiently.
  • Try to spread a little happiness along the way and refrain from the infamous office gossip. Stick up for the under-dog and a genuine compliment to a colleague can surely brighten up their day. 
  • Dress smart and try to set good examples for your colleagues. Maintain high standards and put in the hours. Try not to sleep at work or look for love.  You are there to work, get on with it.
  • Be kind to your colleagues and encourage them. Don't assume they know what you mean.
  • Always speak your mind or ask questions. There are no awards for being work-shy. 

By Gabriel Odang
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  1. Good one.
    however in recent times I had been at a talk where they said office politics (sometimes originating from gossip) are not unusual at the work place and it was advised that there is no harm in participating to be informed and well positioned. What is your take on this?