UBA: A Lifetime Community

At UBA we are a tribe with an innate sense of identity and belonging. Our people are our most valuable assets and this shows in how we support one another. Our tribe shares the same core values, as well as generic views on excellence and great service. Everyone who becomes a part of our tribe is immediately drawn to our irresistible culture of value creation, ultimately affecting every other aspect of their life and worldview. 
We offer strength and provide a strong support system that ensures that no one is weak or feels inadequate. We also inculcate in our people the courage to ask for help when they need it and the swiftness to give it when it is required, without considering it a bother. We in fact, anticipate questions and requests for assistance because we know growth occurs when questions are asked.
With the diversity of individuals in our tribe, we are able to draw ideas and strength when we work as a team which helps us see things in a better perspective.  There is an understanding of the importance of individual tasks, without ignoring the benefits of teams that can be trusted, communicated with while increasing execution capacities. We approach this with flexibility, providing relaxing avenues for group discussions, brainstorming, bonding and planning.
This collaboration further grows the tribe, as new employees, who are quickly grafted in by the support of the team, can showcase their best strengths without inhibition. Our team activities help improve the strength of the team and the effectiveness of individual team members.
In large organisations such as UBA, hierarchy is often misunderstood as a divide, rather than a tool to bring people closer. At UBA, we see things differently. Hierarchy, in fact, is a strong networking tool to share knowledge, experience, and grow effective relationships within the organization. By this, we believe confidence, loyalty and useful resources are built to help each person stand out among competition.       
As growth is an integral part of our organisation, The UBA academy is poised to train and develop our workforce with cutting edge skills to excel in their profession. We offer different learning methods ranging from e-learning programmes, classroom trainings to off-site trainings in different parts of the world.  With improved knowledge and skill set, we also provide ample opportunities to put them to work. Our people are accountable and deliberate about skill acquisition, and we provide an avenue for them to thrive.   
At UBA, we do not just train our people to be the best at the job, we also offer encouragement, recognition and rewards. As part of our commitment to reward excellence, 5,000 staff were promoted in the last 18 months; three thousand in 2017 and two thousand in 2018, because we do not consider the word ‘alone’ a part of our vocabulary and we do not believe in the idea of a single strong man who figured everything out on his own We are a driven community that succeeds together. This is how we recognize and reward impeccable effort and performance. 
 UBA remains the ideal workplace to realize potentials and enjoy career advancement. We will continue to sustain this drive to better improve our workforce.

Join us!    
See available jobs here: www.ubagroup.com/career

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