“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected”.

Work is often associated with monotony and a repetition. The distinction between this and a career is applying all your influences within and outside the work space as ingredients for success. In other words, a career transcends your degree, your expertise and your work place environment, it is a sum of every single part of the job experience, which makes a holistic you.

At UBA, an internal drive for unity and excellence has led this leading brand to employ, adopt and encourage a family of troopers who not only perform their duties with passion but exude the essence of the bank.

Our strong presence on the African continent is deliberate and it reflects our love for diversity and a multicultural system that encourages individual differences while rewarding collaborative excellence. We have about 15,000 multilingual, ethnically diverse people who reflect the richness, multiplicity and uniqueness of the twenty (20) African countries we operate in.

As a brand with Africa as the centre of our entire business operations, we believe in Africa and its people. We are driving the renaissance of the African economy, through innovation in banking.  It is in this, that we identify as a  Pan African Bank, a role model for African business creating superior value for all its stakeholders, abiding by the utmost professional and ethical standards, while building an enduring institution.

Established seven decades ago, our banking operations dates back to 1948 with the establishment of British and French Bank Limited (“BFB”), a subsidiary of BanqueNationaleCrédit (BNCI), in Nigeria. 

After Nigeria got her independence from Britain in 1960, UBA was incorporated on 23, February 1961 to take over the business of BFB and became the first Nigerian bank to undertake an Initial Public Offering (IPO) when it eventually listed its shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), in 1970. Today, UBA is a product of a strong merger of leading brands in the banking industry across Africa.

As a forward-looking bank right at the forefront of innovation and excellent customer service, we opened our New York Office (USA) in 1984 to offer services to Africans in Diaspora, thereby becoming the first and only sub-Saharan bank to take its banking business to North America.

We place a premium on the growth, development and overall wellbeing of our people. Fondly referred to as 'UBA Lions and Lionesses,'. Synonymous with the charactersitics of these ‘big cats’, is strength, pride and power. Our strongest assets are the thousands of smart, resourceful and committed staff who work daily to build the UBA brand. They are our worthy ambassadors and we go to great length to ensure they excel at what they do.

Working in UBA admits you into our tribe: you become part of a large community that supports one another to achieve big things; you gain international and cross-cultural team experience, which ultimately broadens your global view and better appreciation of Africa’s multicultural diversity. You become a part of a culture built and nurtured on values, resilience and dedication, a culture that make us a role model for African businesses.  This is why we call it a tribe.
Here at UBA, each person’s contribution is valued and is important to the overall vision of the company. You will do the work that you love, one that matters to you and will be involved in cross functional projects across all our geographies. Your career growth is of utmost importance to us, that’s why you deserve more than a job. This is what makes us a tribe.

Join us!

See available jobs here: www.ubagroup.com/careers

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