We believe in a world of equal opportunities.
We’ve watched women find their voices, and seen the world begin to listen more actively.
People are not just asking questions; they are beginning to understand, to seek inspiration, speak out, and take action.

We believe in the woman and everything that she stands for. The impact of her presence; We are here for all of it!

UBA is filled with strong, beautiful, intelligent, ambitious and hardworking women who bring a lot of value to the organisation as a whole. The advantage of having women around goes beyond just their perspective, but also how these views sourced from the various cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds from which they come give our organisation the much needed balance it deserves.
We are excited to be celebrating women within our organisation, in Africa and beyond.

This month of March, we celebrate the strong and courageous women all over the world pushing for a more balanced future. Our #TheSuperWoman campaign will highlight some of our lionesses making a difference and other aspiring women across the continent.

Together, with the rest of the world we will help create a #BalanceforBetter.

Happy new month!
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