College of Medicine, University of Ibadan gets UBA Foundation Incubator

College of Medicine, University of Ibadan is the latest beneficiary of UBA Foundation’s Incubator donations to hospitals across the country.  A team led by the Branch Operations Manager, College of Medicine, UCH Branch, Joy Oke and Head Electronic Banking, Samuel Akinyele presented the Incubator to the College  on  August 01, 2013.

Joy Oke; BOM, UCH branch of UBA, presenting the infant incubator on behalf of the bank to Professor Akinyinka Olusegun, the provost of College of Medicine, University of Ibadan

Professor Akinyinka Olusegun, the Provost of the College commended UBA Foundation for the donation to the Institution. He said the University’s Nursing department and the University College Hospital will greatly benefit from the gesture after disclosing that the University lacked a functional incubator that could be used to train medical personnel (Nurses) and save the life of premature babies in the wards.

Professor Akinyinka also revealed that he has a good personal relationship with UBA and will work to ensure that the College of Medicine deepens its existing relationship with UBA Plc.

The Provost also took the Bank’s representative on a tour of other projects within the College while requesting that the bank consider providing further CSR support for the on-going projects.
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