Check out what you are missing if you are not using a UBA Verve, Visa or MasterCard

Users of UBA payment cards are enjoying several freebies that those not using are missing out on. UBA has been acknowledged as the Nigerian financial institution with the most freebies on its payment cards as the bank seeks to encourage more individuals to adopt the cashless habit.

Here, we highlight several of the freebies that are currently on or have been offered in the past to users of UBA payment cards like Verve, Visa and MasterCard.

Travel Promo with
 UBA  ran a promotion with which give discounts to travelers that book their flight on using a UBA Card.

Shoppers can use a UBA Card to pay on the popular online mall, U-Mall and get great discounts.

Avis Rental
UBA has a partnership with Avis Car rental that offers UBA cardholders up to 15% discount on car rentals that are paid with a UBA card.

Allows holders of UBA Visa cards to buy directly, at great discounts, from participating online stores in the USA and have their goods delivered straight to their addresses in Nigeria.

Jumeriah Hotels and Resorts and Atlantis Hotel-Dubai
Holders of UBA MasterCard were given up to 15% discount off the holiday stays at the breath-taking beautiful Jumeriah Hotels and Resorts in Dubai. This comes with a complimentary access to Wild Wadi Waterpark as well as complimentary wireless access during stay at the Resort. 

Buy More, Save More with Park ‘n’ Shop and Spar
Between October 30 and November 10, 2013, UBA ran a promotion in partnership with Park ‘n’ Shop Supermarket, Lagos, where customers received significant cash backs for buying specific items and paying with a UBA Card. It was tagged “Buy More, Save More with your UBA Card.”

Formula One Grand Prix promo with
In November last year, UBA also ran, in partnership with, a promotion that gave travelers  going to watch the Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, an opportunity to  get a 10% discount, if they booked their travel  with a UBA Card on

Shopenomenal Season with UBA MasterCard
UBA ran a promo in December 2014 tagged Shopenomenal, an original concept. Shopenomenal is described as the exhilarating pleasure you get when you shop with your UBA Card. During the promo,  first time and  experienced international shoppers were rewarded with items such as iPad Air, Samsung Tablets, airtime and lots of other goodies.

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