It is an entity that defines an identity
Theoretically, it is diametrically opposed to complexity
Integrity, like simplicity, is a virtue of Trinity and Divinity
It is said, it could be a litany to infinity
Integrity, I propose, should be an affinity
That metrically, should permeate all femininity and masculinity.

It is the morals that start your day
Morals that accentuate your being like murals
Murals that are beautified by floral
Floral so natural, they stimulate your neural
Neural, in all its entirety, so plural
Plural in essence, but never neutral

Like diligence, in matters of the heart
Like dignity, in matters of art
Not spontaneity, in terms of start
Nor burdened like a cart
Never quantified like a quart.
Always hitting its point, like a dart

Would rather be alone than with someone for hollow reasons
would rather be itself than be someone else for shallow reasons
Would rather be frugal than be flamboyant all season
Would rather be consistent and suffer all season
Would rather be seasonable for all reason
And be reasonable for all season

Moshood Azeez,
Team Member, Resolution

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