We should write our own stories; Literature is Everything

We should write our own stories; Literature is Everything
We know about the lives of people who lived ages before us; their challenges and great moments because we read about their times. They had their stories written. Where it wasn't written, it was told.

My ancestors told their stories to one another under the moonlight in village squares or large airy compounds. Father to sons, mother to children and this was shared and transmitted from one generation to another.

We are here and what we are doing is living our lives. In literature we understand in better ways who we are and why we make the choices we make, what influenced us and how. We understand everything about our past, we know the truth of our history and where we are headed. We are not afraid because we know.

We die many times when we don't know, either because the truth is hidden and we are afraid to seek it or because topics about what made us or what happened in yesteryear are gathered and locked away. We die when we have no place, no home, being alone with the world's thorns. Literature takes it all away. It educates, it inspires, it gives; giving us a name, a place and making our voices heard, because we write. As humans, we learn to and continuously overcome little deaths of depression, unspoken truths and unknowns.
We should write our own stories; Literature is Everything

Literature brings to life things that seem too little, too big, too forgotten or too dead. The poetry we sing, drama that teaches, plays that entertain, essays that reveal and stories that make us cry. It shows who we are, what we think and what lies beneath the surface.  Even when the stories are sad and the history is tragic, when the proverbs seem accusing and the revealed truth seems bitter, there's always something to know and learn. In it, we discover what caused the wars and what decisions were taken, not to be angry but to reflect deeply, put an end to it and avoid the mistakes of people before us. It helps us to always remember.

This is the way we discover new experiences. This is the way we can be truly one, when we read, listen, observe, talk about issues that affect us and resolve those issues. We travel worlds in books and through them, wounds are healed, burdens lifted and many tomorrows birthed.    That is the reason we must write our own stories and document them, as a debt we owe posterity. Because someday, tomorrow, a little girl would nudge her father saying, 'Tell me a story, Papa. Tell me why that tree has never fallen.'  Indeed, many little girls would nudge their fathers and he must give a book or have a story to tell. This is us, our culture, our story, our history. It is a glorious heritage that cuts across nations. This is who we are. In this way, literature speaks to us and in many ways, unites us. It makes us truly and deeply happy, even when the show is over. 

By Philippa Orji
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