Valentine is a season of celebration of love. At UBA , the pack of the tribe is centred on delivering excellent service amongst all members of staff.
To encourage selflessness and love we put out a valentine campaign centered around 'Love is UBA'. The aim was to nominate a person/collegue in the office who inspired you and why you think they deserve the weekend getaway.

After deliberation and numerous motivational stories, a winner emerged- StellaMaris Uzor. She was nominated by Nonyelum Chinedum a customer service officer in Enugu.

Congrats Stella. Please find attached, her story below:
“Be strong. Make them wonder how you’re still smiling”. That’s the principle Superwoman lives by, and it is one I am learning to adopt.

When I resumed duty as a new intake, I was directed to understudy Superwoman. I walked up to her and she welcomed me with a warm smile. Then, I could only see a beautiful, light skinned and incredibly attractive young lady. I did not know I was dealing with a demigoddess.

Her problem solving skills are exceptional; she seems to have the solution to every problem. Senior colleagues consult her for suggestions on how to scale through challenging issues and her mail is always flooded with request from staff in other BOs requesting for her guidance. Most importantly, the customers love her and she has their trust.  But that is still not why she is called Superwoman.

Many people don’t know this, but this young lady’s mom has not been sound in health for a couple of years now. Since the unfortunate incident, she has taken up the role of the mother in their home, taking care of her mother, father and siblings. She goes home daily to deal with serious family challenges and still manages to resume duty daily, wearing her beautiful smile and playing with everyone as if everything in her world is smooth and rosy. The degree of her emotional intelligence and her ability to marry the stress of the job and her private life leaves me dumbfounded. This is why I call her Superwoman.

She dreams of founding an NGO someday to help the less privileged. I bet she will achieve it. It’s just a matter of time. She can do anything she wants to do. She’s a superwoman. She’s my inspiration. Her name is Stellamaris Uzor, and she is my nominee.

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  1. So inspiring...... Superwoman!

  2. wow...God bless you bro! I need colleagues like this

  3. Deep one here... Congratulations Stella ����������

  4. Very deep!..its all by His Grace!..the Grace will not fade away on you Stellamaris

  5. wow, congrats Maris...you truly deserve it, my encyclopedia of UBA Ops knowledge.

  6. so inspiring...God bless you Stellamaris

  7. this is great. its hard to be stellamaris

  8. this is great. its hard to be stellamaris

  9. Feel touched. She is really a superwoman.