On Thursday, 20 new millionaires emerged from the second draw of #UBAWiseSaversPromo.

The promo was launched as part of the bank’s initiatives towards prioritizing customers especially customers who have saved consistently.

According to -Ayoku Liadi, Executive Director, Lagos and West Bank, Marketing, ‘The goal of #UBAWiseSavers is to promote the culture of saving and to reward our loyal customers’.

The event was witnessed by invited guests, UBA staff, the press and key regulatory officials including representatives of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission; Lagos State Lottery Board; and Consumer Protection Council.

Once the 20 names were drawn, some of the new millionaires were called to tell them the good news about their new millionaire status. One of the newly emerged millionaires who couldn’t hide his shock and excitement said;
I can’t believe this! I have had this account since my NYSC days! I can’t believe this. Thank you UBA”

In order to promote the financial inclusion initiatives of the bank, UBA believes it is time we rewarded our customers who have been very loyal over the years and who have also joined the UBA family as the promo is open to new and existing customers.
Without them, we would not have made the giant strides attained thus far.

UBA remains committed to consistently improving customer service and rewarding our loyal customers and encouraging the saving culture.

The new millionaires will be contacted and their cheques will be presented to them in weeks to come.

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