It’s Friday! Everyone’s favorite day. In the course of a single workday, you probably do a million things. You send emails, prepare reports, scribble notes, make calls, give presentations-a whole lot of things. There are certain things that make them all easy for us. There are things that we can’t just do without; these things make life easy and work seamless for us.

Here, we put together a list the things we think people can’t do without.

1. High Speed Internet Access

This has to be first on our list.
Despite what some people might think, the work world today no longer demands that we remain chained to a desk in an office. The power of the Internet means we can work from anywhere, anytime. Internet access also allows employees to respond to work fast and also from outside of the normal business day from home, taking care of emergencies, last minute preparations and longer projects. Best believe, the Internet has become an essential part of daily work life.

2. Smart phones.

Don’t you love how smartphones are able to integrate everything into one device? Back in the day, we needed a laptop to check emails, a mobile phone to send messages, and a camera to take pictures. The smartphone’s power lies in its capability to perform  these functions and more to make them accessible in a single device. We can now use several applications to perform a wide variety of tasks and this aids work ease. The smartphone has become one’s personal assistant that helps our efficiency.

3. Coffee. 

Any regular coffee drinker will admit that coffee has a positive effect on their mental performance. It stimulates the nervous system and increases concentration, alertness and attention. Besides, starting the day's work with a steaming mug is scientifically proven to make us more focused and ready for the challenges ahead.

4. Food

you need energy to perform any task and with all the mental work you do, food is the ultimate source. Food provides your body an essential amount of energy to perform our daily tasks and to work throughout your life. Without it, we cannot sustain basic life functions. It is our primary source of nutrition, vitamins and minerals. We can’t do without food.
Need we say more?

5. Sticky Notes

Can we all take a second and appreciate sticky notes? Nearly a decade into the smartphone era, we are yet to catch up to the level of simplicity sticky notes represent.
We love our smartphones but consider how many manoeuvres it takes to jot down a note on your smartphone. Now consider with a sticky note. It has exactly three steps: scribble, peel, and stick.
We love them and still use them for so many reasons. They’re great for brainstorming, they’re colorful, visual and fun to use.

You can agree that we have listed some key things here.

What are the things you can’t do without? Tell us in the comment section.

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