Some fathers witnessed the presence of their fathers their entire lives while some didn’t benefit from the firsthand parental advice that’s often passed down to grown children who are expecting. 

Regardless, you’ve turned out to be great sons to your fathers and now, are being the best dads to your children.

From making them laugh, to all of your “great” jokes, to teaching them the most mundane things like changing a bulb, to turning off the light, to changing car tyres and clearing the clogs in the kitchen sink- essential life skills your father taught you. We appreciate all of the effort you put into making these little ones better humans.

In honor of father’s day, we’ve put together some fatherhood moments your dad probably experienced with you and now, you are experiencing with your children.

1. You’ll probably never get your dream car till the kids are grown.

You have always admired batman and his taste in the finest things of life. “I’ll own one of these” you say to yourself, until the baby comes and you are trading your salon car for a space bus (that’ll forever house parts of a toy and a smell that’ll eventually become normal) with the money you were saving to buy off batman’s car.
Look at you, being grown and responsible and sacrificing your dream car for your babies- Your dads did it too. We are proud of you!

You are a hero to your kids and they believe any crazy story you tell them.

Remember when you finally realized that your dad never really fought a lion to save all the children in wakanda? And that your father made up these stories but you still believed him.
We see you doing a great job with the crazy stories you tell your kids. You will forever be their hero!

2. You are constantly looking for things.

For some reason, your child believes that either everything belongs in their mouth, is a canvas or should be flushed down the toilet including the international passport you were sure you kept on the table 1 minute before you went in to look for your car keys which you thought was on the TV stand.
Have babies they said, it would be fun they said. Now you are running late for that meeting and you can’t find your keys!

3. Your new idea of a happy hour is ‘the baby is asleep’.

Every night, you are counting the minutes, singing lots of songs and making funny faces all in the name of trying to get your baby down as quickly as possible so you can sneak back to bed. But guess who decides to calm in your arms, and nuzzle their face into your chest while their tiny fingers grip your thumb tight as they fall asleep?  You realize nothing could be more peaceful. We agree.

4. Your favorite words are ‘Ask your mother’.

Did you ever wonder why for every question you asked your dad, he’d almost immediately reply “Ask your mother” without looking at you?
So tell us, what did you say to your 5-year-old when she asked why she can’t wear the pink top with her favorite orange skirt and her school shoes to church today?

5. You have to constantly remind your kids who is in charge.

You can’t remember how many times you had to tell your sons not to jump on the sofas or tell your girls the pillows are not rugs yet they keep doing it. So you proceed to give them the ‘these-things-you-playing-with-are-not-toys-but-things-mummy-and-daddy-bought-with-their-money-to-keep-in-their-house-because-it’s their-house lecture.
We see you crammed the words from your daddy’s lecture.

6. “everything - EVERY-THING - is a game”

Kids will be kids and we appreciate that you take time to try and make things more fun. Sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it's just a train wreck. For example, turning picking up the toys into a first-to-finish game is good. On the other hand, realizing that your child heard ‘jump’ instead of ‘get off the dining table’ will almost give you a heart attack because your child is on the floor. Laughing.

There's just no rational explanation to some of things that your kids make you do or even the ones you’ve made your Dad do, but it takes a lot to be a father and we want you to know that you are doing a great job and we love you.

Happy Father’s day ‘dada

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