Everyone needs help at one point or another. The same is true for financial help. There are lots of reasons to take out a personal loan and plenty of advantages.
Before you do, questions arise. Questions like how do you know what loan you need?

How can you get a loan? What are the requirements? What are the interest rates?
Yesterday, we had another #UBAFacebookLive session, August edition. This edition answered all the questions on Loans.
We had the Head of Product Marketing Lola Obembe speak about the #UBASMELoans.

The session which was anchored by the beautiful and talented Lilian Obata was educative, informative and eye-opening.

Lola Obembe spoke about the available loan offers, the businesses and sectors it caters to and how these loans can be assessed.

Viewers asked questions, commented and even won prizes for participating!
The live session is one of the many ways we connect with our online customers providing them with information about basic business skills needed to grow and manage a business.

UBA has supported many start-ups and SMEs and constantly seeks to inspire and encourage our customers in every way that we can.
These live conversations also aim to increase awareness and educate existing and potential customers on Facebook about our products and services.
Our online audiences were not left out; the session was also streamed live on other platforms.
Do you have any more questions about our loans? Click the link to learn more: ubagroup.com/smeloans

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