Noellie Tiendrebeogo is the CEO of UBA Burkina Faso. A seasoned banker and great achiever indeed,Noelliehas risen to become the very first female MD of a bank in the history of Burkina Faso.
In this interview withIbinabo Otonjo, she speaks on empowering women and her plans for UBA Burkina.
1.   How do you feel about being appointed the first female Bank CEO in the history of Burkina Faso?
As the first woman appointed to the position of bank general manager in Burkina Faso, I feel a lot of pride because as you said, it will be the first time in history in Burkina that a woman is appointed at the helm of a bank. I feel a lot of pride but also a lot of determination because as a pioneer I must set an example for other women, including my younger and older sisters. I have to be a role model in the industry and show that as a woman you can make it through hard work. There are no longer barriers for women to succeed.
2.   How can you prove that women can function better in this position of CEO of the bank?
Women are competent people. Being a woman is not a handicap. On the contrary, there are studies which have shown that women in leadership positions perform better than men as they are more accommodating, and have the capacity to lead teams and mobilise people around them. I think that through hard work I will succeed. Of course, through hard work but also as a woman I think I have the skills for conciliation and the required integrity which are the key elements to successfully conduct the daily activities of a bank.
3.   How was the news of your appointment as a UBA Burkinas CEO received in the country?
Many congratulatory and encouraging messages, especially from young and older women. Ironically, quite anumber of men reached out and I was excited about that.This is proof that many people understand that women can make it through hard work.
It is a source of encouragement for me but also a reason to work even harder. All these people who trusted me, I have to prove to them that a woman can make it. Other women before me in other industries have achieved successful endeavors. There is no reason that in the finance sector, and in Burkina Faso, that a woman cannot make it. I'm confident!
4.   As CEO, would you place particular emphasis on the employment of women in this institution?
Of course, that goes without saying, I think throughout my career, as a woman, people have put their trust me as a female collaborator. If I have reached this far, it's true it's through hard work but also, it's because a lot of people trusted me and today the UBA Group has trusted me to take the reins of the subsidiary in Burkina. So needless to say, at the helm of the bank I will do my best to promote women. However, it will not be promotion for the sake of promotion but rather promoting women who do well at work and I know that women are as competent as men.
5.   What are your expectations and future goals for UBA Burkina Faso?
My priority is to make UBA Burkina a leading bank so that when you say banking in Burkina the first thing that comes to people’s minds will be UBA. We want to be a reference in terms of quality service. You know that quality service is key in the financial sector and ultimately I’d like to position UBA amongst the top 3 in the industry in Burkina.
6.   What do you like to do outside work?
In my spare time, I am a mother who loves to spend time with her children, especially when we have family gateways. In addition, I like music a lot.
7.   What kind of music do you like to listen to?
As surprising as it may sound, I listen to a lot of music in tune with the times, the music being enjoyed by millennials. I listen to Wizkid, Burna Boy… I love the beats from Burkina. I listen to Alpha Blondy. In a nutshell, I listen to all genres of music.

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