A Different Kind of Love

Without a doubt, 2020 changed everything leaving us exposed and vulnerable.

The pandemic challenged all of us, showing us that life can change in the most unexpected ways, leaving us with no time to prepare. It has also taught us that regardless of race or color, are all connected. Another important aspect of the human life that was changed by the pandemic is the way we now see relationships and human interactions. 

In the past, nurturing human relationships required time- physical time but this isn’t the case anymore as the dynamics of relationships have changed. In no time we had to learn the urgent need to priorities our relationships. We learnt patience and we had to understand people’s need for personal space. We have learnt to pay more attention and to know now the importance of being a listening ear. We also learnt the importance of sharing moments and wins no matter how little. Most importantly, we have come to realize that a simple “hope you are doing ok’ text can make a big difference. 

In a nutshell, thanks to the pandemic, there has been an enormous display of human empathy and we are here for it. 

This month, the love month, let us take time to reflect and look at the friendships that have blossomed and are stronger.

To say thank you to the friends who regularly checked on us, sharing in our grief and in our joys. To the colleagues who offered to help with tasks, to the teachers who put in extra hours for our children, to our spouses who sat at meetings with our children while the cameras were turned on, to our bosses who were patient with us and most importantly to ourselves for not letting the pandemic break us. 

And for the friendships that fizzled out, now is a good time to renew them. You never know what a ‘hi, how are you doing’ can do. 

This Valentine’s day, show a different kind of love.

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