3 Reasons Why You Should Save Money


Learning how to save money is an important life lesson. It is by far the most important first step where personal finance is concerned. You are pushing yourself to change your financial habits for better. Though not an easy habit to maintain the advantages of saying outweigh the disadvantages. Are there any disadvantages to begin with?!

Here are 3 additional benefits on why you should save more money.

 1. Emergencies

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One of the best reasons to save money is to make sure you’re covered in the event of a financial emergency. It is arguably the most important reason to save money.

We never know when a financial emergency can spring up to cause chaos. This is why you need an emergency funds because they are lifesavers!!

It takes perseverance, to build up an emergency fund. It also takes discipline to only use for true emergencies.


2. For bad times

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We know you are thinking if this is the same as emergency funds. No, they aren’t.

While emergency savings are meant to help you fix short term immediate problems, saving for bad times takes you through more serious events in your life.

Loss of job or a life threatening health condition are scenarios that could see your income severely reduced or completely cut off.

You want to have have a sizeable amount in saving to keep you till you get back on your feet.


3. Avoiding debt

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Another important reason why you should save is to make sure you avoid debt.

Save money is to make sure you’re only spending on what you can afford. While interest rates can seem small and appealing, you don’t want to find yourself in a pool of debt.

Saving money helps to make sure that you always have money for what you need.


4. Reduce stress

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Another reason for saving money is to reduce stress.

Knowing that you can manage your bills when they come or handle emergencies when they pop up gives you peace of mind and generally eliminates financial stress for you.



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