#BusinessUnusualWithUBA: Customer Experience for Small Businesses

Building a loyal customer base can be seamless if you give your customers a great  experience.  Whatever your business is, it is important for you to build a great relationship with your customers.

When you invest in building a great customer experience, your business stands to earn more sales, retain more customers, and create stronger relationships. All these will push your business forward in today’s competitive market.

We sit with Michelle Nwoga; Group Chief Experience Officer as she shares tips on customer Experience for Small Business.

1. Why Is a Great Customer Experience Important?

 It builds trust. When your business gives exceptional customer service your company is building trust with that customer and is focused on strengthening the relationship and building loyalty. Every touch point offers you a unique opportunity to offer excellent customer experience and customers appreciate that. They must believe you will go out of your way to serve and solution for them.

2. How does small business have an edge over established organizations?

Small businesses have an opportunity to start with the customer in mind, unlike big corporations who are plagued with legacy issues and find it difficult to revamp or even overhaul their systems, process or people policies. They are only just realizing that every decision must start with putting their customer first. So small businesses have the unique opportunity to incorporate customer experience management as a key focus and driver of their business strategy. This way, they ensure that the right technology, solutions, products, data etc. is in place to serve their customers excellently.

3. What is an important thing for small business to pay attention to?

Data, data, data, this is key at the early stages. They have to consciously design their data management strategy, set up a customer insight and analytics team that will consistently measure, review and understand customer behavior. Insight is invaluable to any business, it tells you who your customers are, what they want and how you can improve your services or products to serve them better. 

 Delivering excellent Customer Experience does not happen by accident, it has to be a deliberate focus on the things that matter. 

 4. Is measurement important.

Yes. Absolutely! 

You have to consistently measure and ensure CX is embedded in every nook and cranny of the organization. I often refer ti the CX team as an octopus, you MUST have your tentacles in every departments business. Have the right measures/KPIs to monitor performance and make sure that you are applying the right solutions for the organization.


5. We have seen organizations, over time re-evaluate their strategy to accommodate CX. How can small businesses avoid this?

Be deliberate. Understand who your customers are and what they want, don't be everything to everyone, you spread yourself too thin this way. Start with insight, this will drive your technology people and process decisions. Let your customer through feedback stir the ship, this will guide your strategy and deliver your revenue and growth objectives.  

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