Banking at your fingers with U-Direct

“Time is money” so why waste it in a banking hall.  U-Direct by UBA is the ideal solution if you hate the queues and long waiting times associated with a busy banking hall or a slow ATM machine.
The solution, offered by UBA, is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) banking option that enables you to do most of your basic banking transactions without having to step out of your house, car or office.

All you need is the have access to your desk top, laptop, tablet or smart phone with an internet access. U-Direct offers you several options once you have any of these devices.

Many customers surprisingly still walk into a banking hall seeking to check the balance on their accounts. This simple enquiry can take an hour of time from the average customer depending on how close his or her nearest bank branch is. But with U-Direct, the Bank is now closer to you.
Banking transactions can be done on the customer’s smart phone, laptop or tablet right where he or she is, saving the customer valuable time. The customer can also generate his own bank statement online and print it out to reconcile any transactions that may have been done on his or her account.
The customer can even go further with his or her U-Direct transactions. With the U-Direct banking option, a UBA customer can actually initiate the transfer of funds from his or her own UBA bank account to another account in UBA or even to another person’s account with another bank.
It is also now easier to buy an airline ticket with your U-Direct. This means customers can plan their trips well in advance and take advantage of the significant discounts that is usually given when buying airline tickets in advance.
With U-Direct, customers can also top up their phones with air time or pay their bills for customers on the post paid platform.  Also electricity bills, DSTV, home internet usage bills like that of SWIFT, can all be paid for using  U-Direct from the comfort of a UBA customer’s home, car or office without visiting any bank branch. 
What U-Direct by UBA has essentially done is to package 90 per cent of the transactions that makes you visit a bank into a simple online service at your finger tips. So with U-Direct on smart phone, desk top or laptop, you can cut the need to visit a bank by as much as 90 per cent.
The U-Direct platform is secure especially with the recent introduction of the physical Token, a special device that generates a unique code that will be known only to the customer and enhance the security of the transactions he or she does using U-direct.
Customers can visit any UBA Business Office to get a Token instantly to keep all their online transactions with U-Direct secure.

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