When a personal loan saves the day

As John dropped the phone call, he could feel his heart beat running riot.  His heart was pumping so hard, that for a moment; he felt that it was going to drop out of his rib cage.

As his heart beat increased, drops of sweat started appearing, one at a time, on his forehead. Then, the sweat popped up in other places; first on his well shined and clean shaven head, and then the sweat drops merged and started dripping like little rain drops down his fore head and on to the ground.
Though the Air Condition was on, the sweat drops defied the cold air. John’s body was responding to an internal heat generated by a hidden mountain of anxiety that has just been blown up by the last phone call.
It was his wife that called. She was with the landlord. Anytime the landlord appeared, the outcome was always unpleasant. Since he moved into the landlord’s house three years ago, he has appeared twice, and always at the end of the year when his rent is due. In both times, he has doubled the rent. This is third year, and he is at it again.
This time, he had a new trick. He served a quit notice on him. He needs the house in six months, he says, for his brother’s child, who is returning from the UK.  John knew it was a game. The ultimate goal was to increase the rent once more.
 This time, John was just not ready to play the game. He needed to move on or else this game of the annual ritual of rent increases will not come to an end soon. Besides, he knew he could get a better accommodation with what his landlord was currently demanding.
His only challenge was that he could not afford to pay one-year rent advance that landlords normally ask for. Then he remembered his account officer at United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA) had talked to him about personal loans. With a personal loan, he could pay the one-year rent advance and repay the loan from his salary over 12 months or more.
He immediately put a call through to Bolu, his account officer.
Bolu promise that a personal loan can immediately be arranged for him calmed his heart beat considerably.
“Your account is already domiciled with us. Just get a letter of support from your employer and complete the application forms I am sending to you now” Bolu said.
John did as he was told and within a week, he had enough money in his account to move to a new house. His relief was so huge, that he felt his heart beat return to normal levels for the first time in weeks.
So, Saturday morning when his landlord came by the house to remind him about the quit notice, John looked at him calmly in the face and told him
“Sir, be rest assured. Your flat will be ready for your brother’s child in six months”
He could see the shock on the landlord’s face. That did not however bother John. He had already started dreaming of his new apartment. The neighborhood was far better and serene.  His UBA personal loan has freed him from the clutches of his ever demanding landlord and he was not looking back.

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