UBA security returns N90, 000 lost cash to customer

A UBA customer received a pleasant shock when the N90, 000 cash he misplaced in a branch of UBA was returned to him without a kobo missing. The bigger surprise for him was the fact that the money was picked and kept safely for him by the bank’s security officer, Mr Benjamin Okam at UBA's Obalende business office.

In a letter of appreciation addressed to the manager of the Obalende business office, the customer wrote; “I, (Name withheld),   came to deposit the sum of N90,000.00. After filling the deposit slip, I forgot the money on the table and went on to queue for about five minutes. Later, I realized that I only had the deposit slip in my hand without the N90,000.00. I had to come out in a confused state and ask where is my money?. Nobody answered me. But one Mr. Ben walked to me and said “calm down”, took me to his sit and interrogated me, after which he gave me the money. Honestly, I could not believe it. In Lagos! Thank God, for employing Mr. Benjamin Okam at UBA. Am grateful”.  The letter was handwritten with the customer’s full contact details.  

The bank has issued a letter of commendation to Benjamin Okam for his display of a high level of integrity and shoring up the image of the bank.

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