“You saved my son’s life” - A customer's heartfelt gratitude

Mr. Adigun, a U- Gold account holder walked into the Charlotte branch of UBA Sierra Leone looking downcast. Quickly, a Customer Service Officer (CSO) approached him to find out the problem.

He explained that he needed to transfer money urgently to his wife in Nigeria to pay for his son’s medical bill. The challenge, his wife, the recipient, does not have a bank account back home in Nigeria. The CSO quickly thought of Africash, as the perfect solution to the customer’s challenge.

However, since the recipient did not have any bank account, the CSO contacted the business manager at UBA’s Tinubu Business Office in Lagos, Nigeria via UBA’s internal Office Chat System (OCS), briefing him about the customer’s plight, requesting for his assistance.

The business manager readily agreed to help with the transfer only if the recipient submits the necessary documentation for account opening. The beneficiary, who was already at the Ikeja branch banking hall, willingly obliged.

So, as Madam Adigun’s account opening process was being handled in Lagos, the Africash was being processed at the Charlotte branch in Sierra Leone. And within 30 minutes of a reference code being generated, Mr. Adigun   forwarded it to his wife, who was able to withdraw the money immediately.

Mr. Adigun was so delighted with the service he received that he was at a loss to express his gratitude. All he kept saying is “You saved my son’s life”.

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