How to show your child U-CARE

A bundle of joy is how most parents will describe their child. But many parents leave their bundle of joy unprotected financially. Making sure that a child is financially secure is the best love a parent can show a child.

To make it easier for parents to financially secure their child’s future, United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc introduced U-CARE, a special account that is designed to take care of the unique banking needs of children.

U-CARE is designed to help secure a child’s education-the best legacy any parent can give a child and which Late Nelson Mandela described as “the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

U-CARE allows parents to open an account, in their child’s name, into which they can put some money aside, on a regular basis, to ensure that their child’s education is secured. U-CARE is ideal to support a child’s education all the way from primary to secondary school.

Opening of UBA U-CARE account has been made easy and affordable so that all parents can open an account for their lovely child. Opening balance is N2, 000($12) only.

Parents can lodge dividend payments into the account which means that all dividends from stock market investments which they have made on behalf of the child can be paid directly into his or her U-CARE account.

Cheques can also be paid directly into a U-CARE account. Parents can also set up direct transfers from their salaries in favour of the account to ensure that their child’s savings is topped-up regularly or as they earn money.  Parents can also set up online bank accounts to directly transfer fees into the child’s school.

As an added value, parents can apply for an overdraft  to pay for school fees, if they are temporary low on cash. This is to ensure that the child’s school fee is paid on time to avoid any disruption in school attendance.

U-CARE also earns an attractive interest rate. 

To show your child how U-CARE, send a mail to or just call 07002255822 or +2348025606100 (for those outside Nigeria.)

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