How To Handle Meltdowns at Work

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If you are reading this, it’s either you are having a meltdown and are looking for how to manage it or have had a meltdown and don’t know where to go from there or you are yet to experience one. 

A meltdown is an intense response to an overwhelming situation, and this can cause you to temporarily lose control of your behaviour. This loss of control can be expressed either verbally or physically. It can also be expressed both ways. 

Meltdowns at work are unavoidable. 

We’ve all had those moments where we didn’t think before we spoke or acted. We just felt a rush of emotion and next thing we are asking ourselves- When did I say that? Unfortunately, this can lead to burnt bridges and damaged relationship- a high price to pay for our actions. 

So how do we avoid emotional meltdowns?

1. Identify Your Emotional Triggers.

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knowing what pushes your buttons is the first key to preventing emotional meltdowns. Once you can identify this, there a good chance that you’ll be able to know when a meltdown is looming.

2. Have a plan.

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Your trigger could be a person or  as situation. Having a plan Once you’ve identified your triggers can help you manage them.

An idea would be to write down your thoughts ahead of a meeting with said person. That way, you are in control of your thoughts and would not make any outbursts if triggered. 

3. Take a breather.

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This approach can be effective when it comes to preventing meltdowns. When you are feeling overwhelmed, take a breath, pause and step away from the situation for a few minutes to allow yourself calm down.

This can help you take a rational and logical thinking decision instead of an outburst.

In conclusion, meltdowns are bound to occur however, it is how you handle it that counts. 

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