Africa at the Centre of Global Trade.


Tony Elumelu at UBA America Office, New York

The change that Africa has witnessed in the past couple of years has been remarkable and indeed very promising. Africa is standing up for herself and moulding her future.

Africa’s success in the global market rests on deepening international and regional integration which will help scale up demand for supply and build value chains. There is therefore a need to integrate efforts to strengthen trade and investment between African countries and the United states.

From the 13th to the 15th of December, our Group Chairman Tony Elumelu will be leading the UBA delegation at the U.S African Leaders Summit 2022. The Summit will serve as demonstration of the United States’ enduring commitment to Africa and will underscore the importance of U.S.-Africa relations and increased cooperation on shared global priorities.

With a growing population of mainly young people, Africa will shape the future- not just the future of the African people, but of the world. Africa will make the difference in tackling the most urgent challenges and seizing the opportunities we face like advancing trade and commercial ties with key African countries to increase the U.S. and African prosperity.

We must put in place the necessary payment infrastructure that will lead to the success of the largest free trade and the United Bank for Africa (UBA) is a payments gateway to the continent leveraging its reach across 20 African countries and the major financial centres of London, Paris, New York, and Dubai.

As the only African bank with a commercial deposit taking presence in the United States. UBA provides corporate, commercial, SME and consumer banking services to more than 35 million customers globally thereby bringing financial services to Africans on the continent and in the diaspora. From payment services to liquidity management solutions, UBA America offers a range of treasury services to help in the financial planning and business functions of organisations. As well as ensuring that customers thrive in the global marketplace by through efficient and secure trade.

UBA America also offers an extensive, secure correspondent banking network, while closely adhering to Know Your Customer best practices and ensuring full transparency throughout the process.

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