UBA – The ideal workplace (Rewarding Top Performance)

Last week we spoke about our culture of excellence; this week we’ll delve a little deeper into our reward system and what you stand to gain when you work with us to deliver excellent results. 
Here at UBA, we do not only demand excellence, we also reward it. We have created a system in which we regularly evaluate work, give credit where necessary and reward hard work. When you join our tribe, you are on a path; a journey of constant progression. We are committed to helping you through this journey of excellence, constantly assessing your growth and rewarding your efforts.
We have a fair system where everyone is given equal opportunities irrespective of tribe, gender and religious orientation. Your proverbial climb up the professional ladder is dependent on what you do, not who you are. We are a supporter of all, and we charge our tribe to take the bull by the horn, rest assured in the knowledge that efforts will not go unnoticed.
UBA also strives to be among the top-tier industry competitors in terms of compensation. We understand the powerful impact rewards can have in motivating role-model employees and teams and thus strive to provide monetary and non-monetary rewards accordingly. 
Alongside taking care of all our staff, rewarding top performance is one of our core practices. In 2017, we promoted 3,000 staff, rewarding them for the excellent work they had done. Reiterating our commitment to our people, our GMD, Kennedy Uzoka, emphasized his belief in the people of UBA saying
“I strongly believe that if we take care of our people, our people will take care of our customers – our ultimate employers.”   
This broad view of professional excellence is what makes working with us so special. We understand the level of performance we demand, and we are more than willing to reward our tribe when they meet and surpass expectations.   

Ready to take this journey with us?   
Join Us - www.ubagroup.com/careers  

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