Gabon is officially known as the Gabonese Republic.It is located on the west coast of Central Africa and became a member of French Equatorial Africa in 1910and after many years of French colonization, became an independent republic on August 17, 1960.
Oil represents up to 40% of GDP and more than 85% of earnings. They also associate with mining a lot and Manganese is the major exploitation product.

The culture of the Gabonese is diversified and the folklore as multicultural as the people. they are closely linked to different rites including Bwiti. Other dances that are associated with the Gabonese people include Lingwala Omias and Mengane.

The country has become a favourite with tourists. From well-kept nature reserves to full forests that are habitat to rare species of wild animals. 13 national parks exist and have been a large contributor to the national growth of the economy. Amongst the most loved are; Minkebe National Park, Akanda National Park in the west and Lope National park in the East.

No country focus would be complete without the star element, Food!!
Odika (Native chocolate sauce) is a country favourite, Nyembwe is also very popular amongst the locals and is essentially a Palm-nut sauce.It is often referred to as the National Gabonese dish Paired with somed chicken or any other protein, the palm nut is seasoned with onions, garlic, bay leaves and chillies. It is absolutely flavourful and a fave with indigenes and tourists alike!!
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