Power dressing is a great tool for raising your mood and living the part. The best way is to have a functional closet and plan a work wardrobe that is sharp, sassy, and classy. Smart dressing is all about bringing in tiny details and marrying them all together. Listed below are some small details you can apply to bring the bigger picture, together.

1. Good shoes will take you good places: Footwear and shoes make up a chunk of our wardrobe. Why? Did you never see a woman slay it with a pair of bright pumps? Even on a bad day when you're not keen on showing up at a meeting, make it up with a nice pair of shoes. Little things like that can go a long way. Colour blocking works really well. It is also great to remember that when purchasing footwear, take into consideration both ethnic and Western clothing in your wardrobe as well as the time you'll be wearing them during the day or how it will affect driving o and from work.  

2. Behind every successful woman is a bag: There are not many rules here except to go for something that is both functional and looks appealing. Go with bold colours if you must, but go low-key with everything else. Every brand caters to working women, so find something that fits in electronic gadgets, chargers, a power-packed lunch, everyday essentials, wallet, and miscellaneous others – all of this without the bulge or budge on style. Men are not left out in this category too, as a lot of structured yet stylish bags exists for them.

3. Hair is 90% of your selfie: If your hair is perfect, half the battle is won. Good hair compensates for almost anything and is a total payoff. Does that mean you spend countless hours setting it or spend 50% of your paycheck at the salon? Nah! Watch a few YouTube tutorials to ace work hairstyles that match both your texture and length. Even effortless hair comes with a minute amount of 'effort'. Keep it simple, for men make sure it is properly groomed.  

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