According to Jay-Z, “Not a Businessman—a Business, Man.”
There’s a great deal aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from him and his wife, Beyoncé. Aside from being amazing artists, they are even more amazing as entrepreneurs. Here are a few lessons we can learn from them.

1. Don’t just sell a product, sell a story.

 It is a pretty classic lesson for any good business owner or entrepreneur. You don’t sell a product but a story. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are a perfect illustration of this concept. Their entire On The Run Tour show was based on selling their dream life. At the end of the concert they featured a video of their happy family, capturing the best moments of their life, moments that people have itched to discover.
The success of their OTR Tour was largely because of their story. People paid to see their chemistry on stage. In the end they don’t just sell music, they sell a lifestyle, a story of a perfect powerful couple and a perfect family life everyone would love to have- This is their story.
As an entrepreneur, you have to your wrap your product in an appealing packaging with an emotional storytelling, build a story around your vision and make people want to identify with this vision.
Don’t just focus on the simple things, tell a story around it.

2. Build effective partnerships.
 One thing Mr and Mrs Carter, as many other artists, both learned very quickly: a good collaboration often ends up in a billboard hit.
As an entrepreneur, this a simple rule. Don’t hesitate to build as many strong partnerships as you can, with people who share the same vision as you. It will be a win-win operation.

3. Upgrade your product

Beyoncé’s self-titled LP release was accompanied with a video for every single song. She was not selling a music album but more of a music experience for her fans.
She understood the power video has taken nowadays and managed to leverage it in order to sell a better product.
As an entrepreneur, you should always be thinking about how you can upgrade your product, especially taking new trends into account.

4.You need a solid team around you

A business is nothing without the people who work behind the scenes. While the entrepreneur may have big dreams, it is ultimately the team, with whose help he/she can realize the goals.
This is another recipe for Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s success. They work with the best in order to make high quality products and sell them with a good commercial strategy. They have a team they can trust, to manage impossible challenges.

As an entrepreneur, this is one of the difficult things to attain- the right team. It comes with a price of disappointment and all sorts but it is the key to success. You should be willing to pay the price to work with the best, and some day you will be rewarded. It’s a long term investment that is definitely worth it.

Any other lessons your learned from them? Share your thoughts.

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  1. From Jay Z, I learnt that perception matters, he was perceived as a rapper earlier so he changed the way he looked or rather he rebranded and came back as the business mogul we know today.

  2. Jayz story would inspire you that in whatever sphere of life you can turn that into an advantage ,you can make head way from that and Beyonce,it’s not about the money it’s about the legacy,future

  3. Y'all should take a trip back to '96 where it all started.

    "...It's like every year is '96"
    - Jay Z

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