I’m sure you have read several articles claiming that the path to financial freedom is entrepreneurship. But truth be told; we all can’t be entrepreneurs. Not everyone is built for the rigors of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is about hard work and more; there are no closing hours. It’s about facing insecurity, instability and indecision. Look away from the glamorous lives of successful entrepreneurs and the fulfillment of achieving their dreams for a minute. Ask about the days of disappointment, lack and borderline insanity. Read stories about how personal belongings were sold off to bring an idea to life. Are you ready?

You may be planning to leave your current job to “follow your dreams” but you must be sure you are doing this for the right reasons. Some dreams are better left as dreams or relayed to others who can help you to actualize them. Don’t become a “serial entrepreneur” who has no surviving business or product.

Sometimes, those lofty dreams may trap you into a life of nothingness. How does a bad day at work become a pointer that you need to stop helping others build their dreams and start building yours? How does hating your job show that you need to start a business? How about get a job you’d love? Who even says a vacation can’t mend your strained relationship with your job? After all, you were excited to get that job! How can having a bad boss be the only reason you picked up the dusty proposal on your shelf? Remember all the benefits you’d be missing once you launch out on your own – the health insurance, the staff loans, pension contribution by your employer, training opportunities… think about it.

But if after thinking deeply about “following your dreams”, you still want to quit, please do. Africa boasts of several successful entrepreneurs who have helped the continent to create much needed jobs. They are the lifeblood of many economies and have accelerated the growth of many sectors. The world needs more people like them. But, we all can’t be entrepreneurs. 

So, for those not cut out for entrepreneurship, who says dreams can’t be built working for someone else? Your dream could even be working with an organisation that makes impact on an issue close to your heart. So, let’s cut out the narrative of helping someone else build their dreams; you can be building your own dreams by working for others.

 The claim about entrepreneurship being the pathway to financial freedom is also not always true. Financial freedom simply means having enough savings, investments and cash to afford the lifestyle you want, whilst having a nest egg that allows you to retire comfortably. 
If the job you currently do can get you this, enjoy it. 

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