Don’t be scared, we have all failed love at one point or the other in our lifetime. To be very honest, it’s never 100% easy to be that perfect human that always has solutions to everyone else’s problems, we all have ours too, so yeah I’ll give you some credit for that. Here are three points however that affect our everyday lives;
1. You have failed Love if -You don’t know how to mind your business- So this is one topic that about 99.9% of people are probably guilty of. As a matter of fact, you can feel a little bit of guilt right now, yeah you reading this article. A number of times we find ourselves in situations where we have a lot to say about other’s businesses and what do we achieve by doing this? We simply spread more negativity. Just like the popular expression ‘Mind your own business - People that take on responsibilities for others, especially tasks and duties that are not their responsibility, are often not minding their own business; they are often not taking care of themselves, and more often than they realize, they are actually disturbing the business of others.

According to Lizjasen, here are 7 reasons we need to consciously learn to mind our businesses;

(i) Balance. Taking on other people’s problems can throw you off balance, at the expense of your own well being. Please note. I’m not referring to helping others or being of genuine service. I’m talking about interfering where you have no business being and letting others side-track you from your goals.

(ii) Freedom. You can do whatever you want, led by your inner guide. You’re not shackled by the opinions of others.

(iii) Self-Worth. By ranking yourself against others, not only do you underestimate your own worth, but you will vacillate with their ups and downs, or who you measure yourself against.

(iv) Confidence. When you follow your own compass, you develop the skills and abilities that are inherently yours. Each success builds on itself, preparing you for even greater challenges.

(v) Sense of Accomplishment. You know what you have accomplished and can take pride in it. You don’t know what others have done to get to where they are, what they have sacrificed or the price they have paid. Nor do you need to. It’s their journey and their life.
(vi) Potential. By redirecting energy that would otherwise get burned trying to stay up with others, you have much more to direct towards your own goals. Your potential in fulfilling your purpose is limited only by how much energy you apply and how you address challenges. 
(vii) Creativity. Keeping your mind free of clutter keeps you in the present and makes room for creativity.

A lot of people are on this table though! This season, we need to spread some love.
Let’s spread positivity people, there’s nothing exciting about putting others down #Instablog geng and the others.

2. You are waiting for someone else to show you some love! Ladies and Gentlemen, all you have is you and you have to realize that Self Love is very important.
Don’t be stingy to yourself, take yourself out, buy that dress you really love, go and see that movie! Have fun! Stop those bad habits like holding on to past failures, procrastination etc.

3. You are waiting to have a Valentine before you can show some love this season: There are so many people around you! Why do you need to have a Val?
When was the last time you tipped the suya guy? or your Amala plug? Or even your bike (Oh yeah sorry Lagosians about the ban) but yes your bike guy when?

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