Every one of us at different times needs a break. Sometimes a break could mean a temporal change of environment, like a road trip. 

There are numerous reasons to take a road trip; from avoiding crowds to enjoying the tranquility of nature to just taking a much deserved break. You don’t need to go far for your road trip, a short trip to a neighboring state would do. 

So if you are up for some new adventure, here are a few tips to help you survive a road trip.

1. Start Early. 

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The sooner you get on the road; the sooner you can get off it. Arriving at your destination on time gives you a few hours to do things before bedtime. 

2. Prepare Adequately. 

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Make sure you have all the snacks and supplies you’ll need, and also ensure that your vehicle documents are up to date.

3. Check Your Car. 

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Check your tires, (have a spare on hand), the engines, the brakes, the fluids etc. before you leave. Make sure your car is in good shape.

4. Clean Your Car. 

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Clean your car before you leave. Also have small disposable bags for trash in the backseat to keep your car tidy throughout the trip.

5. Take Turns Driving, If Possible. 

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If you’re riding with one or more licensed persons, sharing driving responsibilities is a smart way to ease the burden of physical aches and pains associated with long drives.

6. Take a Break.

This depends on how long your trip is. If it’s a 2-3 hours trip, you want to take breaks at least every 45 minutes to (stretch your legs, get fuel, etc.). Taking breaks ensure nobody gets too bored or restless on the trip.

7. Have a UBA Card With You

You never know when and where you'll need to make purchases. You want to make sure you are prepared for unforeseen expenses and also enjoy seamless transactions with your UBA cards.

it’s also a good idea to have one or two bottles of water with you as well as a portable power bank to power up your mobile devices. Don’t forget to create a great playlist too. 

Having read these tips, you are good to go. 

Go on and have a great trip!

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