Relationships are central to everything we do and having at least one close work buddie leads to higher overall performance. The ability to make friends at work is an important part of any job description.

Now, more than ever, we all could use a few work buddies. Here are three reasons why having work-friends are essential.

1. Productivity level

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Work can be many things. It can be exciting, fun and fulfilling. It can also be boring and stressful. However, having office best friends plays a vital role in keeping you productive and creative as well. Work becomes more enjoyable, you’re more engaged and it helps with your overall well being. This makes you to produce high quality results and go the extra mile!

2. Efficiency

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Good work relationships mean you work better and faster. Having people to share their knowledge and experience, and also to give you honest and constructive feedback helps you achieve your goals. This means that you have lower your stress levels, you are always in a good mood thereby making you efficient.

3. Communication skills

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Good communication is the foundation of good friendship. Having colleagues that you communicate with regularly increases morale, productivity and commitment. This can sharpen your communication skills.

The pandemic has been hard enough, but having work buddies can help us enjoy our work life, and this can eliminate a lot of stress from our lives. Having someone by your side, motivating and advising you just makes it easier to wade through these tough times. 

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