Grooming Tips for a Healthy Beard

Everybody loves a bearded guy. Well, almost everybody. A beard changes the game. It makes a guy look different; the good type of different. It’s the only makeup you are allowed to wear.

The outside has gradually opened up and you have new facial hair that grew out during the lockdown. It is only fair that you should slay with it.

Whether you are a beginner to the beard gang game or a veteran, beard grooming is important - and it is pretty easy once you get in the groove. Your goal should be to have a great looking, healthy beard and we are here to help you with these easy beard grooming tips.

1. Match Your Beard to Your Face Shape

Understanding the shape of your face helps you match your beard to it. You want to choose a style that complements your face shape. That way, your beard will look better, so will you.

2. Trim Your Beard

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If you’re going to grow a beard, then you need to know how and when to get a trim. Some important beard-trimming tools you’ll need are; A beard comb, Facial hair scissors, and a beard trimmer.

3. Regular Washing

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in the early stages of growth, this is an especially important tip. Facial hair carries food particles and skin cells can cause itchiness. washing and conditioning your beard an important step in caring for it. Using a specialized beard cleanser or medicated dandruff shampoo is essential. It’s not just about the hair, but also the skin underneath, 

4. Love Beard Oil


We know for a fact that a lot of guys do not like rubbing stuff on their faces but, if you are going to keep that heard, you’ll have to love that beard 

Beard Oils can be tricky so you’ll want to try as many as possible till you find the one. You might want to look out for oils formulated with a blend of natural, organic, and vegan oils like argan and jojoba to name a few.

5. Beard Brushing

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You need a beard brush is for numerous reasons. First, to help distribute oils from the shaft throughout the rest of the beard. Secondly, a beard brush helps exfoliate the skin underneath your beard, so that you never need to worry about beard dandruff. Lastly to pull debris from the beard that you may have missed.

6. Don’t Forget the Moustache

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growing an epic beard also means growing a moustache. keep your moustache looking neat with tiny trims every three to four days. You want to keep stray hairs at bay. 

A bonus tip is to take care of your skin from the beginning. Make sure that the skin under the beard is soft. Since this part of the skin doesn’t get much air, it needs the right products to keep it healthy. Beards or no beards – you must use a moisturizer for your skin. Find one that isn’t greasy and good for your skin.

Beard grooming can seem difficult at first, but with these tips, it sure does gets easier.

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