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The average 9-5er spends approximately one-third of their life at work so ending up at a great organization to work is not just essential for paying your bills but also for your mental health, job satisfaction and overall happiness even so that when you leave, the experience shapes you for the next chapter of your life. 

Job satisfaction aids increased productivity for both employer and employee. It is therefore important that the company culture is shaped in such a way that employees always feel at home within and outside the office building. A great place to work isn’t just about a beautiful space with the right amount of natural light, amazing green plants to calm the senses and comfortable aesthetic furniture to make work fun- these are essential elements. What makes a great place to work is the right work culture and of course, its people. 

In January 1999 when Funmi Oluyimika Akanbi started her journey with United Bank for Africa, she did not expect that she would go on to stay for fifteen years before finally closing the curtain to pursue a greater passion- motherhood.

she shares her remarkable experience in a Facebook post below; 

January 24, 1999. 

Just realised I started my banking career on this day 21 years ago with Standard Trust Bank (now UBA). I chose to resign in 2016 after 15 years to start a family; and I would take that decision again if I had to; because today, I have the most adorable, super intelligent 2yrs+ twins to show for it, and the role of job title ever!

As I reflect, I am super grateful to God for the opportunities I had on the job, the mentorship, sometimes chastisement (lol), financial support for my MBA in England, from my then CEO Tony O. Elumelu, who believed so much in me and kept placing challenging roles before me, making me push the envelope. TOE as we call him successfully eradicated 'it's not possible' from my dictionary in the early years and replacing it with the 'can do spirit' (now y'all know where my resilience and go-getter attitude comes from).

I particularly treasure the people I met and worked with in the course of the job in my different roles in Operations, Customer Service, Brand Management & Communications, HR, Corporate Banking and Retail Banking. I still keep a lot of those relationships today as great friends.

I grew from that fresh-faced shy 26year old who couldn't look at anyone in the eye, to a senior management staff talking to a full room of 150 Executive Directors and Top Management staff at the Amphitheatre; The multimillion UBA Change Transformation project I championed that took me to 16 African countries where UBA was represented at the time in 2010.

Leaving a footprint of being pivotal to the redefinition of the UBA Core Values, H.E.I.R. as we have it today, is one I am especially proud of. Here's to the next 20 years of me impacting the next generation. I have been given much, it's my turn to repay the favour to the ones coming after me.

A grateful heart never forgets.

Oh and by the way I met my husband in UBA, the month he relocated from the US to take up a job with the Bank (story for another day  )

To God alone be all the Glory!

For a lot of our employees; current and past, Funmi’s experience is relatable. With over 70 years of doing business, our diverse workforce remains our greatest investments even as we drive a culture of enterprise, excellence, execution for continued growth. This has helped us build up the perfect UBA persona over the years. 

The UBA persona is the ideal employee. One who shows UBA in a positive light and influences positive perception of the brand wherever they find themselves. The UBA Persona is as an extension of UBA, sharing the same values, ethics, and demeanor as UBA while having the power to influence brand perception and customer’s decisions. 

Investing in our employees, especially our of female employees not only propels them towards continued success, it elevates us as an organization.

Creating a safe environment that provides equal professional development opportunities, flexible work arrangements will always be standard for us. 

As Africa’s Global Bank, building the right UBA persona means producing satisfied employees who will take over global leadership roles, and create impact on all levels.

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