How To Travel Cheap: A Guide


What is the number one thing holding you back from travelling?

Let’s take an easy guess. Money!

We know.  A lot of us see money as the only reason why we haven’t taken that trip yet but the truth is, you shouldn’t wait to get rich before you see the world. Traveling can create life-changing experiences and lasting memories however it’s isn’t worth it if you go into debt because of it.

You can travel for cheap by prioritizing what's important to you.

Here’s how;

1.     Look for a cheap flight and deals

Once you decide on your dream destination, you need to sort out how to get there. If you are going to fly there, you might want to book your flight as early as possible, this is important if you are going to frequently travelled places.

Another tip, you can pick you seat if you book early.

2.     Avoid checking in excess luggage.

Excess luggage will cost you a lot of money. 
Take just only what is necessary and save by traveling with carry-on luggage.

3.     Carry your own supplies

Carrying your own food can save you a lot of money as hotel food is known to be pricey. Pack some non-perishable snacks and beverages with you.

You can also patronize the local restaurants.

4.     Book hotels with breakfast option.

Want to enjoy your trip and your money’s worth? Book a hotel with breakfast option. We all know that breakfast is an important meal of the day. Staying in a hotel that offers breakfast gives you room for choice. You can have a different meal every day and it’s always a buffet.

Pro tip: go for breakfast early, your choices won’t be limited.

With these tips to travel cheap you can reduce costs based on your budget. Begin your adventure!

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