The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated unprecedented change for business leaders. More than ever, for businesses to thrive, we need our workforce, our society and our planet to be healthy. Unexpected shifts in our daily lives have compelled companies to quickly adapt and, to identify creative, and unconventional ways operate.

As leaders, one question comes to mind; How do we move forward in a time like this?

To be able to move forward, one has to accept that it is no longer business as usual with team members. You are likely to change your leadership style if you are going to get the best from your employees or team and this will require that you evolve by rediscovering your purpose and what makes you distinctive.
So, what can be done to become a stronger and more effective yet emphatic leader especially in the wake of a pandemic?

1.   Understand Your Leadership Style
Understanding your current leadership style is essential to help you transition. This helps you identify not only your personal strengths, but helps you adjust your leadership style to be effective with different individuals and teams. This helps you lead, achieving desired outcomes possible, regardless of the situation.

2.   Communicate Actively & Effectively
At a time like this, all members of your team must be aligned to a common goal and communication is an integral part to achieving the alignment. Hence, communication must be frequent, iterative and confident. One-on-one meetings will go a long way to ensure that communication is executed effectively.

3.   Have a Positive Attitude
As a purpose driven leader, your attitude will determine whether your team will be inspired or not. To be at your best, you must learn to manage your emotions and expectations, and ensure that you have to serve as a source of inspiration to your team. 
Remaining positive will help maintain a sense of optimism and hope in the face of challenges.

4.    Be Present. 
Great leadership comes from those who see themselves as part of a team, who are willing to do what it takes to support, guide, mentor and bond with their team. Be willing to spend time working with your team to sustain the bond that existed.

5.   Ask for Feedback
Learning from the people who interact with you daily is a great way to improve your leadership skills. Create an avenue for feedback, this leaves room for conversation on how to improve, and become better.

A network approach in leadership emphasizes the importance of relationships and healthy working relationships are integral for any team’s success. A purpose driven leader should be passionate, persuasive and have a positive attitude.

If you aspire to become a more purposeful leader with a network approach, your first step is to understand your own purpose, then progress will follow.

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