Are you a digital native or digital rookie? Do you pay bills online?

According to Pew research, about 58% of Internet users in Africa use the Internet daily.  The growth of internet users and the demand for convenience coupled with the evolution of digital payment has brought about the online bill payment option, one of the most convenient payment options in the global technology space impacting the banking and financial industry in Africa today.

Online payment in Africa has moved beyond accepting payments on E-commerce websites into online bill payments.  In 2016, we have seen tremendous growth in online bill collections/payments in the health, insurance, education and investments sectors in the continent. The convenience of digital payments for both bill payments and purchase of online goods and digital content (Music, books, articles) is rather alluring and the best thing about bill payment online is that it is easy, fast and secure. 

Here are 4 reasons to pay your bills online.

  • The online bill payment system allows you to top-up mobile phones, data plans and pay for Utility bills such as electricity, cable TV, water bills and also allows school fees payment.

  • Once the transaction is completed i.e. payment is successful, a payment acknowledgement receipt is sent via email or sms in real time.

  • Tracking transactions, bill spends and getting organized becomes easy and reports can be downloaded from the bill payment portal administrator dashboard.

  • There are several digital payment options that can be used to pay bills online instead of going to a physical location.  These include credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, transfers, mobile wallets e.t.c.

UBA's UBills Africa offers one of the best online payment platforms in Africa. UBills Africa is a platform that allows customers the flexibility to collect or make 24/7 online payments for goods and services rendered. It guarantees secure transactions and Real-time audit trail. All major local and international cards (Visa and MasterCard) are accepted on this platform and it is available in 19 African countries that UBA is present and open to both UBA and Non-UBA customers. Visit www.ubillsafrica.com
now for easy, fast and secure online bill payments.

By Uzoechi Onumonu
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