Go Skipping: Skipping is a great calorie-burner and helps improve cardio-respiratory fitness. Just using it for 30 minutes will help burn more than 300 calories asides from strengthening your bones and helping your co-ordination.

Crunch the tummy: Endeavor to do some abdominal exercises (crunches, plank exercises, leg lift etc) when you get up in the morning or at night before going to bed. This helps in a great way to watch the ‘big tummy’ bulge.

Play an Indoor Game: Rather than slump on the sofa after eating heavily, why not play an indoor game (table tennis or squash), it is another great but exciting way to watch calories build up.

Variety: Variety they say is the spice of life. Try out different sports in order to add variety to your routine. Go cycling, play football with the boys, play tennis or go swimming with family members. The idea here is to participate in a fun activity and stay fit.

Go for a walk: Try going for a brisk walk either early in the morning, lunchtime or in the evening. It is recommended that we make 10,000 steps a day to live an active lifestyle. Get a pedometer to monitor your steps and calories burned so you can push yourself to go a bit further and achieve your fitness goals.

Put on your Dancing Shoes: Enjoy a dance as often as you can. Keep physically active, crank up the music and dance at home or why not go out, have some fun and dance away the calories at a party!
Above all, get some quality sleep time and try to renew your energy. Learn to recognize and acknowledge your true hunger and appetite. Tempting as the buffet may look, do not let it take you up another hole on your belt.

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