Edikang-ikong is a vegetable soup from the Southern part of Nigeria; however, this dish originates from the Efiks of the south- south region. Edikang -ikong is easy to prepare and can be filled with variants of animal protein from smoked/ dried fish to chunks of beef, lamb, chicken to seafood like crabs, periwinkle, crayfish/ lobsters. The option of protein can be as varied as your taste buds would permit! So roll up your sleeves, wear your Chef hat and let’s get to work!

350grms of Pumpkin Leaves (Ugwu)

500grms of Water Leaf(a.k.a. Mmong- ikong, Gbure) 
200mls of chopped Pepper , Scotch Bonnet, tomatoes
2 med. Large bulb of Onions
150mls of Palm oil
0.75kg of Beef/ Mutton/ Chicken
200grms Ponmo
2000grms Dried fish (Okporokpo)
200grms Dried Crayfish
400gms Periwinkles
Seasoning Powder 
1 Seasoning cubes (optional)
Salt to taste 


Soak your stock fish, in hot water for at least 1hour prior to starting out or boil in water till it is soft. Dice and wash the meat. Pour it in a pot spice and add curry, thyme, ginger, garlic, seasoning cubes (optional), some salt to taste and set on a stove for 25mins or till it is tender. Whilst parboiling your meat, prepare your pumpkin and water leaves; wash the leaves thoroughly under running water before slicing into thin shreds (the thinner the better), so as to preserve the nutrients.

Wash your tomatoes, pepper and onions. Blend into a rough paste set aside till required.

Set a fairly large pot on the burner, add minimal palm oil (about 100mls or the size of a big cooking spoon), add the pepper & let it steam for about 7- 10 mins. Pour in the parboiled meat (without the stock), stockfish, periwinkle, ponmo and set it to boil for another 10mins or till you have your preferred consistency.  Stir- in the sliced pumpkin and water leaves, then add some salt to taste. Set the burner to low heat to preserve the essential nutrients of the vegetables and steam for 5-7mins and set down.

It is best served hot and as an accompaniment for a main dish like Pounded yam, Semolina, Amala or Fufu. Pair with a nice glass of red Merlot or any good red wine you have lurking around.

Nutritional Facts:
Per 100g Serving Size

% Dietary Value*
Calories 59

Total Fat                           12g
Saturated Fat                    3g
Cholesterol                     105mg
Sodium                                       244mg
Total Carbohydrates        3g
Dietary Fiber                   3g    
Sugars                             1g

Protein                            33g
Vitamin A : 32%       Vitamin C: 2%         Calcium: 6%        Iron: 28%
*Daily Dietary Requirement 2000Cal

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