Faced with increased work pressure, how do you increase your concentration and reduce errors? Complete the simple exercise below to test your concentration level by reading the sentence as shown in the triangle.

       source: National Geographic

us will read “NewYork in the spring.” This happens only because our minds want to read only the meaningful sentence that it sees and in the process, we miss the second “the” and do not recognize that the word is used twice. 

This simple exercise exposes the risks involved in transaction processing errors that can lead to financial loss for banks.

Bankers with routine duties are highly prone to transaction processing errors due to a drop in concentration as the banker gets used to a routine.
The best way to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of routine errors is to simplify the processes.

For example, the above sentence can be broken into three rows of words; 1. New York, 2. In the, 3. the spring.

Now if we read this sentence in numerical order, we can easily catch our mistake and errors.

This shows that small changes in our work style could result in high productivity with error free transactions. For example, avoiding the use of mobile phones while working can significantly improve concentration levels. So, make small changes to the way you work and experience the significant improvement in your concentration levels and productivity.


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