Apart from being comfortable and looking awesome, sneakers say a lot about your personality. The thing is there are literally hundreds of sneakers to choose from, so how do you decide which to buy?  I believe you only need 5 and you’re good to go. They will give you the flexibility to dress in a variety of ways and you will always look fly.  

1    Travel Sneakers - Adidas Ultra Boost

Image credit: kicksonfire.com

When you travel, you want to be comfortable at all times and it doesn’t get more comfortable than the Adidas Ultra Boost. Boost technology is here to save the world and they are the most comfortable sneakers you will ever wear. Period.! You can wear these with shorts, jeans, khakis or joggers.

2Running Sneakers – New Balance 998

Image credit: pinterest.com

Keeping fit is not enough, one must look good as well and thank goodness running shoes have become more stylish. The New Balance 998 has struck the perfect “balance” (excuse the pun) between style and function and you will never want to run in any other pair of sneakers again.

3.    Basketball Sneakers – Jordan IV
Image credit: flightclub.com

Playing a pickup game with your boys? Then you know the importance of stepping on the court like you mean business. Well, look no further than the Air Jordan 4’s (I like the teal colourway). They’ve got that crucial high ankle support and are comfort enough to keep you feeling amazing. No sneaker collection is complete without a pair of Jordans.

  Everyday Sneakers  -  Chuck Taylor All Star Leather High Top
Image credit: coggles.com

My personal favourite because you can literally wear these with anything. A suit, joggers, shorts, whatever it is the Chuck Taylors will have you looking like a rock star. They are super durable and look better with age, the very definition of timeless.

5Show-out Sneakers - Adidas Boost 350 V2 Beluga
Image credit: solelysneakers.com

Last but most definitely not least in any way, shape or form, Yeezy has blessed the world with the Beluga’s (named after the Beluga Whale) and we feel extremely honoured to be witnessing such greatness. The grey and orange colour way is banana’s and with boost technology, Yeezy has another win. The eye-catching design means they look like nothing else and are guaranteed to turn heads everywhere you go. 
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