From the grand stands ahead
From the pedestals afore
You through time peep
The goings-on to see

Latently, within our loins you lay
As once we as progeny, were
In ancestors now cold and gone
Which route we’d someday go

Nature for planning weeps
As ills sumptuously feed
Patriotism coldly embalmed
Tomorrow, a mirage to many seem

History - replete with recurrences
Whisperers divine your thoughts
That fools loudly snub
Till their hearts callous wax

Hands feebly pray
Brains idly lay
Gloom wantonly prey
As dreams shyly stray

Someday in shame, may duck
At conscience’s courthouse
For posterity sure will demand
An answer of you and me
ADEJUWON Adegboyega
Resolution Dept
Customer Service Division

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